AIPP WA Epson Professional Photographer of the Year 2019

Hi, how are ya?

How’s it going? I’m just checking in on you,

So what have I been up to, well I guess the big news is the title for this blog. So some how I managed to pull together 4 images for the Commercial category of the AIPP West Australian Epson Professional Photography Awards 2019. After cutting my thumb and trying to put everything together I’m stoked to have walked away with four solid awards, 2 Golds, 1 Silver Distinction and 1 Silver. I got to watch the live Judging for the first time which was an eye opener into how much goes into putting the event on. All the volunteers from the state council to the first year TAFE students as print handlers and the amazing panel of esteemed Judges from across Australia. One thing that does need to be mentioned as well and is not apparent if you are watching the live stream and that is when a judge recognised a print that came up for judging and stepped off the panel for another judge to step in. This truly showed the integrity of the awards and how they aim for transparency and fairness.

So on May 16th we then had the Awards Presentation Night, nervous as I was I knew I had the points total to be considered for a category win. The night was held at the Perth Town Hall where all prints that were awarded Silver Distinction and above were on display. It was a sell out night as Perth’s best photographers from all different genre’s rubbed shoulders and celebrated a common love for photography. The awesome Steve Wise MC’d the event and we got underway.

So by the end of the night I went home with the Epson Signature Worthy Award, Commercial Photographer of the Year and wait for it……. the AIPP West Australian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year. What the… WOW!!! I was not expecting that. It is an absolute honour given the calibre of the other category winners. It is insane to see all the names on the trophy and to think my name is along side them. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it but at the same time I am extremely proud of the achievement.

You can find all of the award winners and images here. Definitely worth checking them out as there are some fantastic images to be seen.

So riding high from that huge event I had the privilege of speaking at the Northern Exposure Photography Group (NEPG). Thanks to Jean Wilson for arranging the night and the club for making me feel most welcome. It was a blast to talk about all things of the Urban Landscape and I hope everyone got something out of it. NEPG are a great club and very well organised, if anyone is interested in joining you can find all their details here.

Also very proud to announce an article I’ve been helping out with. Writer Kim Atherfold approached me wanting to use some of my images and my approach to why I shoot Urban Landscapes. Her website Liberal Eclectic is an Australian site with a focus on cultural and social writing on art, architecture, interior design and cafe culture from Australia and around the world. You can read the article and find out more about her work here. I will post Part 2 of the article next month.

Finally just a bit of promotion for a friend the ever lovely and amazing Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio is holding a very original event next week on Friday June 7, this next bit was taken from their event page on facebook.

“Love dogs? Love Art? Of course we do.
And when art curator Kaye Guthrie Adonis and her orchestra of artists join forces with one of the most respected dog photographers on the planet, Alex Cearns OAM on June 7, expect the canine unexpected.

Alex has built a career asking mans’s best friend to say cheese! She has brought to life 10 of her favourite pooch pics, each one currently residing on a 1m x 1m canvas.

Canvas meets 10 of Perth’s most high profile artists and this is where the magic happens. Artists will paint live on the night and ‘photo bombs’ the canvas. The result - 10 unique collaborations each one celebrating artistic style and pooch passion.

This will definitely not be a stiff and awkward gallery event!

All Canvas’s are available for sale on the night, so whether you champion the arts, love your dog or are just looking for the perfect gift, this unique cultural event will be an ideal finish to the week or an even better start the weekend.

It’s going to be an awesome night so you can find all the details here.

Well I believe that’s it for me. It’s been a crazy month and I’ve managed to achieve some goals I never would of thought possible, things are certainly looking fantastic at Mark B Images. No time to rest though, just gotta keep pushing forward.

Cheers and keep smiling



Hello everyone, 

Welcome to my new website, I decided to prioritise my photography and concentrate on my commercial work, so I hope you enjoy the new look.

So the latest update for me is a very exciting one, as the Capture Magazines Top Emerging Photographer of Year 2018 was announced and I am very proud to say that I was named Australia's Top Emerging Architectural Photographer, which was amazing since last year I had placed runner up. This couldn't have come at a better time since I will be concentrating on Architectural Photography.

Next up on my events is WAEPPA or the state awards for the AIPP, lot's printing is going down and basically me questioning every detail about my images in the hope that I may get a few awards. 

Will keep you all updated as that progresses.

Cheers for now